Application Centers

To facilitate a fast implementation of research results in key fields of technology, the Free State of Thuringia offers specific application centers to start-ups and to innovative companies. These centers offer innovative companies the chance to use special facilities - like laboratories, white rooms, workshops, and other Services - cost-effectively, and they may do so in a way that is suited to their needs. This way, the path from the idea for a product to its market maturity can be shortened, and the price of costly equipment for innovations does not have to be borne by any one company alone. 

There are currently 5 application centers in the Free State of Thuringia:

Technology and Incubator Centers

New companies in Thuringia can get the support they need for developing their business at seven technology and incubator centers at nine locations. These centers offer the infrastructure needed with modern offices, access to data highways, and comprehensive consultation and support service packages. All technology and incubator centers are integrated into networks. Most of these are also located close to institutions of higher learning in the state. 
Technology and Incubator Centers in Thuringia: