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Are you looking for cooperation partners in industry or science? Are you searching for new suppliers or vendors? Then please use our Company database, which helps you select from a great variety of Thuringia based companies:

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Inh. Alexander Walther
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- Event services; movie services
Zeulenroda-Triebes (Greiz)

- Operation of a wellness and conference hotel - services - catering & accommodation
Jena (Stadt Jena)

- Planning, organisation and implementation of events, consulting and management in the broader sense as a service for organisations, sports marketing and management agency, office and IT services as well as the provision of household-related services.
CCS - Congress Centrum Suhl
Touristik und Congress GmbH
Suhl (Stadt Suhl)

- operation of the Congress Centre consisting of town hall, indoor swimming pool, car parking garage, exhibition halls and tourism for the town of Suhl
Inh. Wolfgang Grüneberg-Lemke
Jena (Stadt Jena)

Jena (Stadt Jena)

- Maintaining a football licensed player department on the basis of the statutes and regulations of the DFB and the League Association for the purpose of participating in a DFB Licensed League or the DFL Bundesliga or 2nd Bundesliga or 3rd League and other national and international competitions, while continuing the previous taxable and commercial business operations of FC Carl Zeiss Jena e.V. with its registered office in Jena after its spin-off to the company; the implementation and financing of the further sports match operations (second team, A-youth team) also spun off from FC Carl Zeiss Jena e.V. - Activities in the advertising and media sector, in particular the administration and exploitation of the company's own advertising and media rights and the rights of FC Carl Zeiss Jena e.V. - Merchandising for the sports sector, the sports-related sector and other suitable areas
Drei Gleichen OT Mühlberg (Gotha)

- Operation of an 18-hole golf course
Golfer`s Tuned Performance Center
Eisenach (Wartburgkreis)

- individual adjustment of golf equipment, in particular club fitting and club manufacturing – trading in golf equipment as well as accessory or other sporting articles for other types of sport – giving and organizing golf lessons – operation of an indoor golf course
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- Provider of live corporate events and online corporate events, team events, company outings and Christmas parties.
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- Permit-free conception and realisation of market research and marketing projects - Planning and realisation of events - Permit-free brokering of transactions - Permit-free trade in goods and services
Inh. Nico Bruder
Bad Frankenhausen (Kyffhäuserkreis)

- individual event concepts - rental of light, sound and stage equipment - online trade (B2B | B2C) of light and sound equipment, truss, stages, video and DJ equipment - showrooming on site
Lösungslabor e.V
Weimar (Stadt Weimar)

- Execution and publication of artistic projects – graphic design, illustration, web design, exhibition design, editing, 3D animation, film and video production
setzepfandt&partner - Inh. Arne Setzepfandt
agentur für werbung und events
Eisenach (Wartburgkreis)

- Event and advertising agency.
Inh. Thomas Geisler
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- Nordic Cross Skating courses, renting, sale (Skike, Inliner, summer ski), personal training, outdoor courses, summer ski training, cross-ski
Weimar (Stadt Weimar)

- Association of 19 Thuringian cities in the field of city tourism.
Schmölln (Altenburger Land)

- Drinking water supply - district heating supply - sewage disposal - municipal services - Tatami leisure pool operation - event production
Inh. Volkmar Stanoschek
Suhl OT Wichtshausen (Stadt Suhl)

- Operation of an event agency & artists agency.
Sternevent GmbH
Jena (Stadt Jena)

- Operation and marketing of the Zeiss Planetarium - Operation of the café, of the restaurant and the bar "Bauersfeld" - Event service
Bad Tabarz (Gotha)

- Active and health bath Tabbs (adventure pool, sauna, sports studio, rehabilitation sport, wellness, physiotherapy and occupational therapy).
Sömmerda (Sömmerda)

- organisation and marketing of events (esp. in sports)
- letterings of any kind
- exhibition service
- operator of a multi-functional sports facility

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