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Are you looking for cooperation partners in industry or science? Are you searching for new suppliers or vendors? Then please use our Company database, which helps you select from a great variety of Thuringia based companies:

Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- Management of investment funds as well as the performance of any related activities, in particular the fiduciary purchase, administration and disposal of open and silent participations in Thuringian companies.
Jena (Stadt Jena)

- Rendering of media and marketing services, commissioning and maintenance of e-web and e-commerce websites on the Internet; distance selling / mail order business in porcelain, household glass, household ceramics, home and kitchen accessories, including pots, pans, household storage utensils, whereby the trade with the aforementioned items does not require special permission - entering into intermediary transactions which contribute to the direct and indirect purpose of the company - consulting services in the field of marketing and e-commerce - management of own assets, the acquisition, management and sale of participations in other companies of all kinds as well as the provision of services, in particular administrative, financial, commercial and technical ones in relation to these participations and in relation to third parties.
Deutsche Effecten- und Wechsel-
Beteiligungsgesellschaft AG (DEWB)
Jena (Stadt Jena)

- bank-independent, stock exchange listed holding company
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

Integrated universal bank with regional focus - Wholesale business - S-Group, retail and SME business - Public development and infrastructure business
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- Medium-sized corporate and high-net worth private customer business in Central Germany
ps: perfect solutions GmbH
trading - consulting
Meiningen (Schmalkalden-Meiningen)

- Business and strategic management consultancy with the exclusion of legal consultancy, trade with foodstuff, raw materials and equipment for the food industry as well as participation in other companies, furthermore, publishing activities, in particular the production and distribution of books, periodicals, magazines, catalogues and other printed matter (including in electronic form), as well as general public relations work and all transactions related to and promoting this purpose, furthermore, the management of the company’s own and third-party real estate with all measures serving this purpose, in particular the provision of other permit-free services which are directly connected with the management of one’s own and third-party real estate.
T.I.M. Capital AG
Thüringer Investgesellschaft für den Mittelstand
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- financing of enterprises by means of equity participations - enterprise consultancy in financial matters, succession, and shareholder substitution
TAB Thüringer Aufbaubank
Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

Subsidies – loans – guarantees - syndicate financing
Jena (Stadt Jena)

- Participation in and investments into enterprises in the seed and start-up phases.
Volksbank eG
Gera · Jena · Rudolstadt
Jena (Stadt Jena)

- Performance of common banking business and supplementary transactions, in particular a) cultivation of the saving idea, above all by acceptance of saving deposits; b) acceptance of other deposits; c) granting of credits of any kind; d) acceptance of securities, guarantees, and other warranties as well as performance of trust business; e) performance of payment transactions; f) performance of third-country business including the purchase and sale of foreign currencies, notes and coins; g) investment consultancy, investment agency and investment administration; h) acquisition and disposal as well as depositing and management of securities and other assets; i) arrangement of building loan contracts, credit contracts, insurances, real estate, and journeys as well as the purchase, holding and sale of real estate at one’s own account, j) management consultancy in business matters


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Investment, International Business and Cluster Promotion

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