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Are you looking for cooperation partners in industry or science? Are you searching for new suppliers or vendors? Then please use our Company database, which helps you select from a great variety of Thuringia based companies:

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A. Padelat GmbH
Kassen - Waagen - Schankanlagen
Suhl (Stadt Suhl)

- development, distribution and servicing of accounting and checking systems, cashes, software, electric dispensing systems
Ilmenau OT Gehren (Ilm-Kreis)

- construction of automatic plating machines and control cabinets
Eisenach (Wartburgkreis)

- Development, fabrication, and distribution of technical vehicle components as well as of the related machinery and production facilities; service for racing brakes by optimum embedding of brake pad and disc; production of metal parts by chip removing processing.
Suhl (Stadt Suhl)

- Development, fabrication and distribution of high-performance blowers and fan propellers – rendering of consultancy and engineering services in the field of extracting gaseous media
Gera (Stadt Gera)

- SPS (stored-programm controls) ; visualisation systems; machine and consumption data acquisition, energy optimisation; electric construction; driving technology; commissioning, repairs and technical service
Petersberg (Saale-Holzland-Kreis)

- fabrication and distribution of laser material processing machines as well as the development of procedures and job order production in laser engineering
Nesse-Apfelstädt (Gotha)

- Manufacture, distribution and assembly of stationary agricultural equipment (stall equipment, grain storage); projecting
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- Development/production of ventilation components (ventilation valves 24V/230V, room-air controllers RLR, sensors, fans with integrated controls) - Development/production of smoke pressure systems RDA - Production of systems for lift shaft smoke extraction Lift-Smoke-Kit LSK - Development/production of window ventilators (AirTronic, REGEL-air) - Development/production of cellar ventilation
Mühlhausen/Thüringen (Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis)

- fabrication of components for the ventilation system construction
Gotha (Gotha)

- Manufacture and sale of air ducts, ventilation components and special components made of metal and plastic - Wholesale of air ducts and ventilation components - Plastic container and apparatus engineering
Albert GmbH
Metall- und Maschinenbau
Langenwetzendorf (Greiz)

- Special machine and jig construction - CNC turning and milling, machining - Metal construction
Floh-Seligenthal (Schmalkalden-Meiningen)

Development and fabrication of pneumatic alarm signalling equipment and compact fire-extinguishing devices.
Erfurt OT Kerspleben (Stadt Erfurt)

- performance of industrial assembly work - assembly of windows, doors, and facades - special services in the fields of malthouses and silo plants, asphalt mixing plants, conveyor systems, drying and cleaning plants - mechanical production of equipment for malthouses, silos, asphalt mixing and similar plants
Schmölln (Altenburger Land)

- Production of mechanical presses; sale of second-hand machinery; general overhauls
Bad Salzungen OT Hämbach (Wartburgkreis)

- development, fabrication and distribution of hydraulic cutter attachments for excavators, rotators
Lindewerra (Eichsfeld)

- Fabrication of process testing facilities and catalyst testing systems; engineering and automation
Gößnitz (Altenburger Land)

- Development, production, and distribution of pumps as well as of pumping systems and installations.
Apparatebau Nordhausen GmbH
Sudhausbau - Behälterbau - Stahlbau
Nordhausen (Nordhausen)

- Brewhouse construction, container, silo and tank construction - Supply and assembly of brewery plants (worldwide) - Manufacture of main components for the malting industry
Floh-Seligenthal (Schmalkalden-Meiningen)

- Production and distribution of water and waste water treatment systems as well as of filling installations, accessories, and the granting of licenses; special-purpose machine building; assembly work; production, machining, and distribution of metal and plastic parts
Altenburg (Altenburger Land)

- Development, production, and distribution of fittings for refrigeration and airconditioning; surface coating; plastic injection moulding; services in the fields of lathing, milling and chipping

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