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Are you looking for cooperation partners in industry or science? Are you searching for new suppliers or vendors? Then please use our Company database, which helps you select from a great variety of Thuringia based companies:

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b.i.g. bechtold
Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
Weimar (Stadt Weimar)

- engineering services in operational equipment and building services as well as electrical and conveying systems
Jena (Stadt Jena)

- Design, projecting, installation, maintenance of technical systems, among others, in the fields of high, medium, and low voltage plants, communications and safety technology, control and automation technology, data and network technology; building equipment.
Sondershausen (Kyffhäuserkreis)

- planning, production and support of data networks of any kind – LWL cable splicing and measuring
Eisfeld (Hildburghausen)

- Electrical installation work of any kind – safety / alarm systems and telephone as well as antenna construction – trading in electrical products and electrical devices
Gerstungen OT Marksuhl (Wartburgkreis)

- Production of telecommunications and data technology, IP switching technology, security technology, alarm technology, locks, pipe safes, line protection and key connectors - Development and production of zinc die-casting and stamping tools
Neustadt an der Orla (Saale-Orla-Kreis)

- Planning, installation, maintenance of security systems, fire alarm systems, burglar alarm systems - Preparation of fire brigade plans / running cards
Funksysteme Meyer
Inh. Otto Meyer
Artern (Kyffhäuserkreis)

- Distribution and servicing of mobile radio systems/deployment control systems at the place of deployment for firebrigades, disaster control and rescue services (incl. live forwarding of the data to the deployment control centres requested).
Gera (Stadt Gera)

- Execution of electrical and telecommunication systems of all kinds as well as trade and service of and on associated goods - Planning, erection, maintenance and repair of low-voltage technical systems
Jena (Stadt Jena)

- Servicing, consulting, sale, assembly and maintenance of alarm and fire detection systems, window and door locks, mechanical and electronic locking systems, armoured strong rooms; video and access control systems.
Eisenach (Wartburgkreis)

- Projecting and installation of as well as service for fire and burglary alarm technology, telecommunication, time recording and access control systems, sound systems - repair work and other services
IFAM GmbH Erfurt Ingenieurbüro
für die Anwendung der Mikroelektronik in der Sicherheitstechnik
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- development, fabrication, and distributtion of safety technology products; development of hardware and software for personal computers and micro-processor assemblies; design and fabrication of printed circuit board assemblies
Jena (Stadt Jena)

- research, development, and production of electric and electronic devices; development of software solutions; installation and assembly of telecommunication-technical, electro-technical and electronic components or articles; distribution of the afore-mentioned products
Erfurt OT Kerspleben (Stadt Erfurt)

- Construction and sale of systems for time recording, access control and access control as well as systems for electronic monitoring, signalling and communication technology - Planning and projecting of electronic monitoring, signalling and communication systems - Trade with project-related hardware and software - Fire protection technology - Industrial automation - Switch cabinet construction - General electrical engineering
Merten GmbH
Standort Sondershausen (ELSO)
Sondershausen (Kyffhäuserkreis)

- Development, fabrication, and distribution of electric installation devices and electronic assemblies
Weimar (Stadt Weimar)

- Development, production and distribution of physical and optical measuring devices and systems as well as related services.
Stark am Markt - Thüringer Markt- und Technologieführer
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- Development, production, and distribution of counters and gauges for the acquisition and assessment of the consumption of energy and other media, devices and systems for other technical services such fire detectors, mildew sensors, leakage detection, home automation, etc., especially in residential and commercial real estate, as well as of devices and systems for transmitting the information from the residential and commercial real estate to an operational centre or accounting system.
RP-Technik GmbH
Werk 2 - Saalfeld/Saale
Saalfeld/Saale (Saalfeld-Rudolstadt)

- Production of power supply systems of any kind as well as of accessories (distribution by means of a dealer network)
Wutha-Farnroda (Wartburgkreis)

- Development, production and distribution of electronic products of all kinds and all related services for home automation, medical technology, IT, security technology, sensor technology, time measuring technology, etc.
Sicherheits- und Kommunikationstechnik
Hermsdorf (Saale-Holzland-Kreis)

- fabrication of components for safety technology - worldwide development and distribution - regional installation department for safety technology
Löbichau (Altenburger Land)

- ITK system house, planning and installation of communication and hazard alarm systems (GMA) as well as data systems including electronic systems.

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