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Are you looking for cooperation partners in industry or science? Are you searching for new suppliers or vendors? Then please use our Company database, which helps you select from a great variety of Thuringia based companies:

Weimar (Stadt Weimar)

- private state-wide radio broadcasting station in Thuringia
Weimar (Stadt Weimar)

- Carrier of Radio LOTTE Weimar - the citizen radio for Weimar.
Weimar (Stadt Weimar)

- Operation of a congress radio station that summarises and illustrates the contents of congresses, symposiums, sessions, and other predominantly scientific events in the form of interviews, comments, and other radiophone forms of presentation. Contents are provided live from the event site as podcast and/or via stream. Multimedia podcast audio player that, within the timeline, delivers both textual and visual background information selectively via pop-up screens. Utilisation of the domain as platform for the scientific exchange.
Weimar (Stadt Weimar)

- The enterprise focusses on: Marketing, communication, sound radio, video communication, movies for children, online, social media
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

The company is operating on the one hand as a holding company and on the other hand as an advertising company. - As a management and financial holding company with a central service unit for its portfolio companies, the Company is responsible for the entrepreneurial management and control of the operating portfolio companies. It represents these companies as a whole externally. In addition, as a service holding company, the Company offers its portfolio companies and third parties various services through its central service unit, among others in the fields of business administration, IT and innovation management as well as activities in the area of temporary employment. - As an advertising company, the company markets advertising and sponsoring on radio (television and radio) for Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) and cooperating radio broadcasters. Within this framework, it also plans and carries out advertising and marketing activities within the framework of the public relations work and self-promotion of MDR, which are suitable for promoting the company's undertakings and the programming and economic interests of MDR and the cooperating broadcasters. If necessary, the Company, together with the other ARD advertising companies, provides programme contributions in accordance with the relevant ARD regulations. The organisation of the advertising television and advertising radio programmes, including all technical broadcasting matters, remains the exclusive responsibility of MDR. The company is required to observe the applicable guidelines for the execution of radio and television advertising. – Furthermore, the object of the company includes activities in the area of the production and exploitation of audio-visual programmes and multimedia applications, the development of new media-related business areas and the provision, rental and leasing of studio facilities and office space for film, television and other audio-visual productions.

Media & Communication Systems
(MCS) GmbH Thüringen
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- Media, service providing, and production enterprises for film, TV, and sound radio (studio productions, reports, magazines, series, advertising spots, image films, podcasts, events, IT)
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- regional marketer of Landeswelle Thüringen broadcasting station
- marketing of radio advertising times and special forms of advertising in the radio medium
Sömmerda OT Schallenburg (Sömmerda)

- Development and distribution of software
Radio F.R.E.I.
Freies Radio Erfurt e.V.
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- free local radio station
Suhl (Stadt Suhl)

- Media planning - sale and organisation of radio, TV, and poster advertising, Social Media, brand leadership - audio and TV spot productions - Internet TV - consulting for enterprises in the field of advertising technology - planning of advertising campaigns and media service - coaching and training
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- Local TV station in Thuringia and agency for TV advertising, image films, trade fair films, video reporting & 360-degree film productions - studio rental with live keying in the green screen and live productions (up to 16 cameras) with real-time transmission options on the Internet and TV
SOUNDKOMBINAT - Tonstudio Erfurt
c/o noxus.TV Mediengesellschaft Rudolph & Wöhrmeyer GbR
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- Production of radio/TV spots - audio branding - sound design - Production of audio guides and audiobooks. - Christoph Werz
Social- & Non-Profit-Marketing/PR
Dornburg-Camburg (Saale-Holzland-Kreis)

- Designs, with the aid of existing network structures and in cooperation with different partners, social projects being based on benefit to the public. Develops media and infotainment products in the classic print area as well as in the future-oriented online sector.


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