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Jena (Stadt Jena)

• Contract development in the fields of embedded electronics, software and digital signal processing, • Design and development of complete systems from concept to production readiness, • System integration in digital image processing, • Development of VHDL firmware, software, drivers, PCB design, housing construction, • Application know how of various CCD, CMOS and InGaAs sensors (Sony, e2v, DALSA, ON Semiconductor (formerly Aptina, Kodak and Truesense Imaging, Cypress), AMS (formerly CMOSIS, Awaiba, MaZet), viimagic, Hamamatsu, Andanta, NIT, SCD, ...), • Specialist in handling the chip families of almost all major DSP and FPGA manufacturers, • Data transmission interfaces (USB3. 1 Gen1, USB3.0, USB2.0, PCIe, GigE, 10GigE, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, SDI, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI,LVDS, RGB, S Video, FBAS, I²C, SPI, RS232, RS485, CAN, XAUI, ...), • video recording, video playback, video compression, etc. • Multispectral imaging (VIS, IR, NIR, SWIR), 3D image processing and laser triangulation
Meiningen OT Dreißigacker (Schmalkalden-Meiningen)

- Fabrication of products for safety lockings
Ilmenau OT Gehren (Ilm-Kreis)

- fabrication of automating as well as of time recording and access control systems
- hardware/software development
AZ Zeitsysteme
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Sören Panzer
Ilmenau OT Gehren (Ilm-Kreis)

- Distribution and installation of time recording and access control systems, electronic locking cylinder and door fittings, as well as barrier and parking systems from various manufacturers - Distribution of transponders in any design for 125 kHz (PROX, EM, Hitag) and 13.56 MHz (Mifare, MifareDESFire, LEGIC), as well as active technology UHF range (Deister)
Zella-Mehlis (Schmalkalden-Meiningen)

- Planning, setting up, maintenance and service of mechanical and electronical locking systems, access controls as well as systems for video monitoring and burglar alarm systems, - trading in such systems, - electro installation.
Drei Gleichen OT Wechmar (Gotha)

- Production of security documents (printing and service).
Stark am Markt - Thüringer Markt- und Technologieführer
Jena (Stadt Jena)

- Fabrication and distribution of biometric ID applications and solutions for the biometric identification in the police, civil, and commercial area
Geisa (Wartburgkreis)

- development, manufacture and distribution of data/time recording equipment
Digades GmbH
Niederlassung Nordhausen
Nordhausen (Nordhausen)

- Development and production of electronic system solutions in the areas of high-performance radio remote control systems, control elements with special functions as well as comfort and safety electronics.
Stark am Markt - Thüringer Markt- und Technologieführer
Neustadt an der Orla (Saale-Orla-Kreis)

- Production of optical components (full range of value-added chain, incl. optics design, construction, prototyping, pre-series, and series production).
Frankenblick OT Mengersgereuth-Hämmern (Sonneberg)

- planning, installation and servicing of safety equipment, data technology, video, access control (ESSER, ABI, Ackermann, ELBEX, Sony, Timeware)
F & B Keyflex
Dr. Frank Bartholome
Martinroda (Ilm-Kreis)

- development and fabrication of access control and time recording systems
Hohengandern (Eichsfeld)

- fabrication, distribution and maintenance of barriers and EC parking systems
- consultancy in the fields of:
Rudolstadt (Saalfeld-Rudolstadt)

- System provider, projecting and servicing of electronic time recording, access control; production data acquisition for clock and display systems, for point of sale, ticket, and identity card production systems; fabrication and trading of identification media and user software; services for sports events and sports facilities; sales partner of Germany MICROGATE for the OptoJump(R) athletics system as well as sports time and measurement systems; brands used: KABA, Planzeit, Microgate
Fruth, Grässner & Partner GmbH
Elektrotechnische Anlagen ud Blitzschutz
Sömmerda (Sömmerda)

- planning office for electrotechnical systems (high-voltage current up to 20kV, lightning protection, safety technology, low-voltage current systems, data networks)
Gera (Stadt Gera)

- Development, fabrication, and distribution of RFID products
Jena (Stadt Jena)

- Servicing, consulting, sale, assembly and maintenance of alarm and fire detection systems, window and door locks, mechanical and electronic locking systems, armoured strong rooms; video and access control systems.
Eisenach (Wartburgkreis)

- Projecting and installation of as well as service for fire and burglary alarm technology, telecommunication, time recording and access control systems, sound systems - repair work and other services
Jena (Stadt Jena)

Jena (Stadt Jena)

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