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Are you looking for cooperation partners in industry or science? Are you searching for new suppliers or vendors? Then please use our Company database, which helps you select from a great variety of Thuringia based companies:

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AfB gemeinnützige GmbH
Niederlassung Sömmerda
Sömmerda (Sömmerda)

- Reprocessing, selling and recycling of IT hardware components – certified data destruction in accordance with the BSI Standard
AFRY Deutschland GmbH
Niederlassung Erfurt
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- planning of complex projects in the fields of waste water treatment plants, water supply plants, infrastructural development of abandoned industrial sites by taking relics into account; regenerative energy generation from waste water
Krayenberggemeinde OT Merkers-Kieselbach (Wartburgkreis)

- recycling of second-hand textiles

aqua consult Ingenieur GmbH
Niederlassung Erfurt
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- Consulting and planning engineers in the fields of water, sewage treatment, waste-disposal, and environment technology
Schmölln (Altenburger Land)

- Development of processes, their application and performance of services for the assembly, dismantling and recycling of vehicles and the associated components of all types, including high-voltage batteries - Development, production and sale of equipment and components for the assembly, dismantling and recycling of vehicles and components for the vehicle and machine construction industry - Provision of employees on a professional basis
Bad Tennstedt (Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis)

- Demolition, gutting and clearing out of buildings, container service, storage and sorting, wholesale and retail trade with building materials and accessories, rental of construction machinery and trucks as well as carrying out excavation and civil engineering work.
BAUER Resources GmbH
Bodenreinigungszentrum Bleicherode
Bleicherode (Nordhausen)

- environmental service provider in the field of environmental engineering; partner in the complex handling of refurbishment projects; plant construction/process engineering; disposal equipment
Weimar (Stadt Weimar)

- University: Research and science in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, arts, design, media
BEB Jena Consult GmbH
Baugrund - Erdbau - Beweissicherung
Jena (Stadt Jena)

- subsoil surveys
- foundation consultancy
- earthwork support
- field and laboratory tests
- residual pollution analyses and supervision
- construction supervision
- static stability calculations
- evidence perpetuation
Beratende Ingenieure für Geotechnik
und Umweltschutz GmbH (BIGUS)
Weimar (Stadt Weimar)

- subsoil analyses
- assessment of residual pollutions
- preparation of demolitions
- contamination analyses

Harztor OT Ilfeld (Nordhausen)

- performance of any kind of building construction, civil engineering and industrial building work, in particular work in shafts and underground work, mountain security work and cogging, slope safety work as well as any kind of drilling work, special civil engineering, landfill management, waste treatment and landfill construction as well as electro installation services.
Gera OT Roschütz (Stadt Gera)

- planning office in the fields of waste material management, raw material management, infrastructure
Erfurt (Stadt Erfurt)

- Consulting and planning engineering activities (hydraulic engineering, flood protection, geotechnics, spatial planning, infrastructure, structural design, landscape planning, ecology, nature conservation, hydrology, hydraulics, heavy rainfall).
Ilmenau (Ilm-Kreis)

- preparation of solutions in the fields of industrial automation and networks (process engineering industry, supply and disposal, environmental processes); IT service providers
Böscha GmbH
Büro für ökologische Studien und chemische Analysen
Hermsdorf (Saale-Holzland-Kreis)

- preparation of surveys and planning work in the fields of nature and landscape conservation; environment analytics/chemical plants
Ebeleben OT Rockensußra (Kyffhäuserkreis)

- Disassembly and scrapping of military equipment and locomotives; metal processing (recycling) – trading with and selling of substitute parts
Heiligenstadt (Eichsfeld)

- Waste disposal service providers, municipal services, disposal industry (collection, transportation, processing, marketing).
Weira (Saale-Orla-Kreis)

- fabrication of technical products made from plastics; plastic material recycling
Chemieservice Hoffmann
Inh. Hans-Eberhard Hoffmann
Zeulenroda-Triebes OT Triebes (Greiz)

- Chemical consulting.
Ronneburg (Greiz)

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