Every Thuringian stakeholder is welcome to take part in shaping the innovative future of the Free State.  The 13 discussion forums established by the respective Working Groups provide an ideal platform.  The forums are intended to serve as open laboratories for exploring and discussing the respective topics with the following objectives in mind:

  • Enable stakeholders to network with one another across sectors and technologies; 
  • Present/communicate activities and ideas;
  • Get more small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the innovation process in Thuringia;
  • Identify and address 
    • Requirements and trends in the area of R&D (in particular also beyond the scope of Thuringian R&D grants),
    • cross-sectoral measures in Thuringia (e.g. securing skilled personnel, internationalization)

  • Generate proposed measures for the action plans in an open and transparent process;  

The team of the Thuringian ClusterManagement will be happy to help locate the forum that’s right for you. 

Current Forums