Solarvalley Mitteldeutschland e.V.
Solarvalley Mitteldeutschland e.V.
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SolarInput e.V. (Solar technology)

Established in 2003, the SolarInput association manages a network consisting of Thuringian solar enterprises, service providers, research and academic institutions, as well as municipalities.  The association strives to further the strategic, cross-sectoral networking within the solar industry while embedding it in the region, as well as the practical application of solar technology on-site within the region itself.

[Translate to Englisch:] Solarvalley Mitteldeutschland e.V.

Solarvalley Mitteldeutschland e.V.

Subsidized by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF, Federal Ministry of Education and Research) as a “leading-edge cluster,” this Erfurt-based network focuses the concerted efforts of its members on furthering the smart generation, storage, distribution, and usage of electricity drawn from renewable energies.  This is achieved by means of a comprehensive strategic concept that calls for closely networked cooperation towards a common objective among business, science, and educational institutions.  The results achieved thus far include the successful management and completion of 98 R&D projects, the establishment of seven endowed professorships and 11 new Bachelor/Master programs, and the assignment of 64 dissertation topics.

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Thüringer Erneuerbare Energien Netzwerk e.V. (ThEEN) (Renewable Energies)

”Smart grids,” “renewable heat,” or “energy-efficient neighborhood solutions including renewable energy” – these are just a few of the topics addressed by the Thüringer Erneuerbare Energien Netzwerk (ThEEN, Thuringian Network for Renewable Energies).  The network organizes expert forums, launches cross-sectoral surveys and interdisciplinary cooperation projects, supports the relevant political processes at the Land level, and brings together suppliers and service providers for all of the various renewable forms of energy.

As a competence network for renewable energies, ThEEN is an umbrella organization representing its member associations as well as numerous individual enterprises, research institutions, municipalities and other bodies.  In all, the network bundles the know-how of more than 300 enterprises.