Working Group “Sustainable and smart mobility & logistics”

This particular Working Group promotes the implementation of the Thuringian Innovation Strategy in the field of innovation “Sustainable and smart mobility & logistics.”

The Working Group for sustainable and smart mobility & logistics held its constituent assembly on December 9th, 2014, and currently comprises a total of 20 appointed members.


Frank Schnellhardt



Am Vogelherd 50
98693 Ilmenau

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Peter Schmuhl


Schmuhl Faserverbundtechnik GmbH & Co KG

Egertsweg 3
07368 Remptendorf

036640 281-0
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Activities of the Working Group

The Working Group has set itself the following key targets in order to realize the vision defined for the future:

By 2020, Thuringia’s stakeholders (enterprises, intermediaries, and institutions of higher learning) are to bring innovations to market that foster urban, suburban, and rural mobility concepts that are energy/resource-efficient, low in emissions, smart and safe, while ensuring stable turnover and employment levels for the industry.  

As an internationally competitive logistics region, Thuringia intends to address the potentials and challenges specific to its location by pursuing a sustainable value-added approach and targeted expansion of its value-added logistics, while also offering knowledge-based, innovative, sustainable, resilient, and efficient solutions for operational processes and their management.