Das Thüringer Ernährungsnetzwerk e.V. (TH-ERN)InfectoGnostics - Forschungscampus JenaInfectoGnostics - Forschungscampus JenaBundespräsident Joachim Gauck bespricht neue diagnostische Methoden mit InfectoGnostics-Sprecher Jürgen Popp.  (Foto: InfectoGnostics/Jens Meyer)medways e.V.medways e.V.
Das Thüringer Ernährungsnetzwerk e.V. (TH-ERN)
InfectoGnostics - Forschungscampus Jena
InfectoGnostics - Forschungscampus Jena
Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck bespricht neue diagnostische Methoden mit InfectoGnostics-Sprecher Jürgen Popp. (Foto: InfectoGnostics/Jens Meyer)
medways e.V.
medways e.V.
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medways e.V. (Medical/biotech)

medways e. V. is a Jena-based industry association of leading German research institutes, industrial enterprises, and universities.  Its mission is to promote the development of innovative processes for the diagnosis and therapy of medical conditions of a primarily geriatric nature as well as medical technology products fit for the world market.

medways advises enterprises on the certification of medical devices, on the introduction and continuation of quality management systems as per industrial norm DIN EN ISO 13485, as well as on the market-launch process.  medways also conducts regular training programs for the ongoing qualification of personnel and offers customized in-house courses and training sessions.  When it comes to research projects, medways handles the full spectrum of project-management tasks, from selecting topics and applying for public grants to coordinating project activities and controlling the project finances.

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InfectoGnostics Research Campus Jena

Organized as a public-private partnership, the InfectoGnostics Research Campus in Jena is breaking new ground in the diagnosis of infectious diseases.  Here, more than 30 partners from the scientific, medical, and business communities are developing market-ready solutions for the quick and cost-effective on-site analysis of infections in a three-way synergy between technology, practical application, and production.  The targets of these diagnostic solutions include tuberculosis in humans, chlamydia in animals, and the pathogens found in foodstuffs.

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Thüringer Ernährungsnetzwerk e.V. (TH-ERN) (Nutrition)

In November 2011, 16 enterprises from the food industry joined forces to found Thüringer Ernährungsnetzwerk e.V., an association that would give them a strong voice in matters relevant to their sector.  Subsidized by the Thuringian Ministry of the Economy as well as by the Thuringian Ministry of Agriculture, the association focuses on thematic focuses relevant to the industry while representing the interests of this particular sector of the economy vis-à-vis the political decision-makers.  Besides functioning as a platform facilitating communications between business and science to improve knowledge transfer and innovation, the association also carries out PR work and image campaigns in order to consistently strengthen the public recognition and positive image of the industry’s players, while at the same time opening up new markets.  This is intended to help safeguard the industry’s employment and growth levels over the long term.  The network already has 36 members.