About us

Shaping viable and sustainable future economic growth

In 2012, the Free State founded the Thuringian ClusterManagement as an instrument to help establish and build outs economic clusters in Thuringia. Over the course of implementing the Thuringian Innovation Strategy, the Land government has set up an RIS3 Office within the Thuringian ClusterManagement, its task being to coordinate the implementation process. This allows existing structures to be used and expanded in a targeted manner.

In order to make the Thuringian Innovation Strategy a reality, the experienced project managers of the Thuringian ClusterManagement are working closely with stakeholders from the business sector, the scientific community, and intermediaries so as to promote the development of the various fields of innovation. In the process, the interlinkage of these fields with one another plays a significant role.
The Thuringian ClusterManagement functions as a networked system with the following agenda:

  • To promote the strategic development of particularly productive and innovative clusters in the fields of specialization and in the cross-sectoral field;
  • To coordinate and support the stakeholders associated with Thuringian clusters, thereby reinforcing existing cluster structures in a sustained manner;
  • To initiate and further build upon networks and cooperations between enterprises and research institutions;
  • To support the process of international networking;
  • To thereby further enhance the innovation capacity and competitiveness of enterprises in the Free State.